Gear UsageEdit

To find Capture Paranormal EventsEdit

Voice RecorderEdit

  • A voice Recorder is believed to record sounds that the human ear couldn't pick up, even from ghost.

Digital CamerasEdit

  • 3 types of cameras use to capture paranormal events
Infra-red CamcorderEdit
  • 4 camcord in four different places with the most paranormal events connected to basecamp even in the dark.
Remote CamcorderEdit
  • a secondary camcord to record things outside the main infra-red cameras
Digital CameraEdit
  • Digital cameras are believe to capture pictures of things the human eye don't see that might be supernatural.
Thermal CameraEdit
  • It is believed that ghost gives off hot/cold spots from where they passed and Thermal cameras detect temperatures of objects and beings even from ghost.

EMF DetectorEdit

  • Ghost believed to give off electric field that can disrupt electronics and batteries and EMF Detector can detect it through any changes in the magnetic field.

Secondary gadgetsEdit

  • Records sounds for the team even from a different room connecting directly to basecamp
Trap CameraEdit
  • A camera that takes pictures of anything that moves even ghost.
Temprature ReaderEdit
  • It is said that ghost causes the air temperature to change and this gadget can find it.

Other GearsEdit


  • Lights attach to a band a team put on their heads to help look around


  • like the headlights use to see around


  • Use to monitor the events capture from the infra-red cameras.


  • Use to communicate between each other during Cleansweeps.