How to Identify GhostEdit

Orbs of LightEdit

  • Some ghost appeared as orbs of lights that can't be see through and isn't from source of light.


  • Some Ghost appeared as shadows or mist coming out of no where with no physical beings

Ghostly figuresEdit

  • Figures that look human/creature but transparent and different color

Unidentify SoundsEdit

  • Ghost are known to make noises that the source can't be identify.

Hot/Cold SpotsEdit

  • Ghost can appeared as hot or cold spots that can't be explained.

Moving ObjectsEdit

  • Ghost can move objects around without being seen so someone can see something be somewhere where it wasn't before or being moved without seeing how.

Unexplained FeelingEdit

  • It says that when a ghost is near you, you can feel dizzy sick and claustrophobic even when your in an open room.